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Quotes i have seen the cell baits work well on a hard water ...9 fish + ended up winning a match against mates . (GET SUM ORDERED.) these baits stand out and out-do evern top shelf-life baits . happy fishing catch a big one. Quotes

Quotes Well Wayne, presure on mate - expecting to take delivery of my second order and looking forward to trying the Cell Halo's for the first time soon. And in the words of the famouse REX HUNT!!! if they don't work?? BUNDY BUNDY - I am convinced it will not come to that and will let you know how they go down with my quarry. Thanks Wayne, Great Service Mate. Treacle Quotes
Bundy Bundy

Quotes just got my hallos though the post ...i think wot they like in cold water ? got a pint glass ice cold water ..droped 1 in ..well never seen anything like it ..soon as it hit bottom worked ..looked into the pint glass and the glow around it was amazing a fish isnt going to like that i will never ..cant wait to test friday :) Quotes

Quotes Bought the cell halo 12mm dumbells. Tried them in the winter on a hard lake against dynamite bait boilies and the only two runs were on the cell halos which resulted in my PB common carp of 21lb and My brothers PB mirror of 14lb. see pic gallery. Had to buy some more, think everybody should have some of these boilies in there tackle bag! Quotes
cell halos that caught my PB

Quotes this bait has taken me by storm i have never seen anything like it before and thought i would give it a go(not expecting a lot on it) but after setting up for my 1st session a few hours later my rod went off and on the end was a fish thats hard to catch the 21lb linear from my local lake in hampshire no one has caught since the summer time i am amazed i will defo be buying a lot more as the service and delivery time was spot on all round a good impression keep up the good work and dont let out the secret lol ;) good luck wayne karl Quotes
amazing cell HALO

Quotes used these for the first time on a lake that is hard in the summer let alone in the winter. and i cleaned up had 5 fish out in one day all double most upper double, keep up the good work mate. i want to put the word out but want to keep it to myself hehe Quotes
wow wow

Quotes Had to let you know how fantastic your cell halo baits are Used them yesterday on a very hard lake where nobody was catching Enter cell halo it was an instant hit the carp wouldn't stop biting and everybody wanted to know my secret If I was you I would expect quite a few orders from Lancashire Quotes

Quotes just had to pop you a big well done mate , these baits are awesome . caught first time out on the cell halo ( 5lb common ) and then the next evening on the icelandic reds ( 7 lb mirror ) on my local water .. a hard venue at this time of year .. as far as i know ( and i am one of the bailiffs ) i have had the only 2 carp out this week . to say i am happy would be like asking if the pope is catholic ( he is right ? ) i have already ordered some fresh supplies and hope that you have all the success that your attention to detail and the service offered deserves .. keep up the good work Wayne . Quotes
great bait mate

Quotes These boilies are just amazing i caught my personal best using these plus one of the hardest koi carp on the lake. i even caught more than anyone else on the lake put together that weekend!! The service provided was excellent as well with swift delivery and a great service all round. One very happy customer Quotes
David Rogers