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Quotes I came across the halo glug just by chance and was so impressed with the pictures of it in action and the vast amount of different flavours I had to give it a go and am I glad I did this stuff blows even the branded stuff out the water they don?t even come close to how good this stuff really is! My personal favourite is tutti fruity in halo green gets the carp going mad especially in the summer you will not blank using this stuff had many a day on the bank using it and bagging up on 30-40 fish in a session hands down the best halo glug you will ever buy 5 stars! Quotes
Brenden Hall

Quotes Took the Monster Crab down the river with me for a quick evening session trying for Barbel and Chub. On my second cast I hooked a 32lb Mirror Carp! It was the first Carp I have ever caught out of a river, the biggest Carp I have ever caught by 8lb and the biggest known fish in the stretch I was fishing. Going to be taking a stick with me everywhere I go for a while I think. Quotes
Scott Russell
Happy Customer

Quotes bought 3 pots for twenty got them Saturday fishing sunday first cast 14lb third cast 17.5lb what a fantastic bait keep up the good work Quotes
peter young

Quotes I First saw this stuff on ebay and thought id give it a go. Well im glad I did. Used other stuff and it nowear touches this. Use it now on 3fishing trips. the first was a 3day in Essex and caught over 15 fish and all over 20lb &30lb,(only complain is I didn't get much sleep)lol. Than I did a one day in surrey and bang, Under a hour 17lb,and they just keep coming.8 fish, all between 10lb &20lb. Than a 2day in surrey. Not a lot was coming out, Than just over the 2hr mark, Got my first 15lb, and than over the next 20hrs had 9 more all from 10lb to 20lb+. So what can I say about this bait. It speak for its self. I will be fishing a lake soon were iv been twice and have found it hard, So I will let you know. Stay tune.. Quotes

Quotes have been a user for over 2&hale years now and with great success I have started selling it on my bootfair stall at the weekends keep up the good work wayne Quotes

Quotes Would like to say when I first witnessed what the baits do when the hit the water I was amazed, to actually try one as a hook-bait I was scared. 3 or 4 days in to my fishing trip to France my friend had a run on a normal boilie but lifted into nothing, the weather was horrible and a rig was already tied for him to cast out. It was a tutti Frutti dumbell halo, it was pitch black and with no bag attached to the rig he randomly cast out the single hookbait attached onto a KD rig. Within an hour a 41lb common was caught on this bait! Amazing baits. Jacob Quotes
Techno Baits

Quotes I would like to say thank you! I have recently fished france for 7 days and was very hard, in the end having 14 fish, all mostly 30+, I caught a 41lb common! I have picutre proof it was Halo baits! Quotes

Quotes bought the cell halo dumbells and used them together with squid and octopus boilies at redmire in november and caught two carp one being my p b 24lb+........... Quotes

Quotes I am a keen carper and only use the best boilies available, ie mainline and so on, after purchasing the 16mm cell halo pop ups my fishing totaly changed i get more fish in difficult conditions so good bye old bait and hello halo, this bait is AWSOME GET ON IT ............. Quotes

Quotes ordered some of the halo toppers off ebay.... very impressed with the whole service...and the results that go with it..keep up the good work mate. on a different note KORDA have released a halo glug and as expected is pricey and being advertised as all new remember people where you heard it first and keep coming back to hear..... wayne your a legend ..tight lines. Quotes
happy chappy