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Reply Dynamicfingers
7:10 AM on March 12, 2012 
Hi Wayne, update on the weeked i had ( fishing match ) only a few of us turnded up, me , treacle , and another good mate danny .3 fishermen in total= smallist match ever . i tryed your baits but i didnt catch anythink due to my end tackle,

i think my hair was far too long / big hooks. Treacle used the same baits + his rigs had a real edge = he emptied the lake with 10 + fish being pulled out, danny had 1 on a two tone popup.

Evern tho i lost the match , i was well chuft knowing that your baits are realy working well here.:D

The place where i fish is a larg lake / boating lake with boys doted about.:( The water is realy clear 3 to 6ft deep with patchy weed on silt . well preshered by alot of anglers . The carp move around alot here from jetty to jetty back up to the top where its 3ft.

it has a footpath all around with grassy banks on a few sides. A runway at the top that gets bizzy with alot of planes / people walking around . so any result is a good one .

red tigernuts sound good :/

I plan to upload my fishy pics soon. :)

Hope you have had a top weekend mate :D

Cheers bfn.
Reply Dynamicfingers
10:36 AM on March 5, 2012 
Hi wayne , Just a note from a NEW MEMBER.
Wishing You Much Success in 2012 and Beyond.
Having seen yr baits / cell doing the business, prompted me pin a fellow fishermen to the floor to obtain the whereabouts / manufacturer of them leeky - Badboys - cell dumbells. After sum time my friend - treacle a Site Member gave up and passed me your business card. which in turn
brings me here... Looking forward to trying sum of your products. please let me know how to order personalised products from you too , like lets say bloodworm or "Tutti Frutti" 14mm dumbells ? Thank You... Dynamicfingers.
12:26 PM on January 27, 2012 
Hello mate,sorry didn't get back to you earlier about the bait but will get the order in soon if ok with you.Hey Wayne have heard about a new bait additive being brought out by Korda? I think it has come about from the South African carp team.I've tried to do some research but didn't get anywhere.As for France still working on it,lol.All the best
Reply wayne.lawrence
7:33 AM on January 20, 2012 
hi folks,
thanks to all my new members for uploading your pics
our website is starting to to shape now and hopefully many more members will discover it
heres to a wicked years fishing to all of you and thank you to everyone who has supported me in the first few months of getting started :-)
12:44 PM on January 13, 2012 
Hi mate,
Where's the new place to ? Hope it goes well Wayne.Yep mate no rush on the icelandic dumbells.All the best.
4:45 AM on January 8, 2012 
Hi mate,
Trust all is well and your still busy rolling.Loving the icelandic red at the mo.Might have to put in an order pretty soon.Give me a shout when your not so busy.Probably looking for straight up nicelandic red but maybe in 10mm dumbells without halo? let me know what you think.Thanks Wayne ,all the best mate
Reply Stretch
10:45 AM on January 7, 2012 
No proba mate, can't wait to try em!! Cool website too!
1:53 PM on December 28, 2011 
Hi Wayne,
Hope you had a good chrimbo and hopefully got some nice fishing pressies! Only had one day but it was only maggot drowning for big Perch.Like you say weather is pants and not a load of fun stuck out in the wilderness on your own.Will be using your baits tomorrow at an easy lake so hopefully will have loads of takes because they love the cell up there and also with the halo it might give me an edge.All the best mate
11:29 AM on December 1, 2011 
Hi mate,
Had a absolute shite weekend at Stafford moor.I should of known that the writting was on the wall really.I had bad flu,had a blow out on the way up the wind was screaming and almost made it impossible to fish.The only redeeming factor was you baits were looking good for a bite! Love 'em.All the best
10:31 AM on November 23, 2011 
Hi mate,Hey thats excellent news with the local shop.Anyone i might know?Im a fish merchant so give a shout if you want any fresh ingredients if you know what i mean.Bakes lake,i think my father enlore has fished it before.The lake in France sounds nice mate.Any biggies in there?might have to try and wangle it with missus.Cheers buddy
10:37 AM on November 22, 2011 
Hi Wayne,
Yep i'm good thanks mate. it was in France surprise,surprise.Looking to try your baits this weekend,i say try i already have faith in them .If i don't get a couple of runs on those then i might as well give up!Up at Stafford Moor for 48hrs.Will obviously let you know how i get on.Trying to get a few in before everywhere freezes and they shy off.When's your next trip?Anywhere decent? cheers Wayne
6:39 AM on November 21, 2011 
Hi Wayne,received your baits this morning.a day early,thanks for that.The big girl weighs 51 lb,had a brace of 40's befor that! was well chuffed.
Reply wayne.lawrence
2:47 PM on November 18, 2011 
hi kev,
thank you for becoming a member to my little site. hope you catch a monster over weekend :-)
Reply wayne.lawrence
4:38 PM on November 17, 2011 
hi david,
thanks for joining my little community hopefully your one of the first of many members and happy fisherman catching monsters on my boilies :-)
Reply wayne.lawrence
6:36 PM on November 16, 2011 
hi to all my members and thanks for joining my site only one at mo my friend at liquidbait
cheers si :-)